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Yoga Studies Course - October & November

The first half of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program is a stand alone course that happens for the first 2 months.  It is a deep exploration into the heart of this sacred practice and provides an innovative option that no other Yoga School is offering.  Our approach is to give an option for studying yoga more deeply that is more accessible for those that love yoga and want to know more about it.  


If you have ever wanted to deepen your connection to yoga and not worry about learning to teach it - this is the path for you. 


This path is also perfect for existing 200 Hour Yoga Teachers who felt their first training lacked the spiritual and philosophical nectar of the Yogic Path.  So if you already have a 200 Hour, but want to add that depth without having to take an entire 200 Hour Program again - this is the path for you.


Our Yoga Studies Course deeply explores the rich spiritual center of Yoga from its original intention - A Holistic Life Path.  Ancient yogis used philosophy (sacred teachings) breathwork, meditation, chanting, mudra and self-inquiry to see more clearly. Through this path, they discovered the truth of who they were and an ultimate connection with the divine. They found union, liberation, and the profound sacredness of life.  They then shared with us - that reconnecting to this energy is what heals us and brings us back into contact with our wholeness.  This is the intention of the path of yoga and why we choose to practice it today.  This is what we pass on.  Yoga is not just a thing you do - it is your natural state of being - it is a way to move through life and when connected to it - there is flow, ease, understanding even in the most difficult of times.


This is what we long to teach and share with you in our Yoga Studies Course.  Most yoga today doesn't highlight the heart of the path, the roots of yoga, and its core meditative and spiritual essence. Most teacher trainings will teach you how to teach people to do yoga poses and that is about it.  None will take you as deeply into the heart of the path of yoga and help you transform your life from the inside out as our program will.


Our program also provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for folks to deepen their connection to yoga without worrying about how to teach it.  Each weekend during The Yoga Studies Course, we meet for live sessions on Saturday & a virtual session on Sunday (dates below).  We look intimately at the deeper teachings and what they are meant to bring to our lives today.  We explore the history and philosophy.  We then learn and practice a supporting Hand Mudra, Breathwork, Chant, Therapeutic Movement Practice and relaxation practice to use during the month to make the teachings come alive in body, mind and soul.  Each week that we don't meet, students are given an inspired video lecture in the student portal to watch and deepen their self study and home practice throughout the month.



October 5 & 6 | November 2 & 3

Saturday: In Person 1:00pm - 8:00pm (4-5pm dinner break)
Sunday : Virtual 9:30am - 5:00pm ( break from 12:30 - 2:00p

The 2 month Yoga Studies portion of our YTT program can be purchased as a stand alone course
Investment: $600

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