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Jessie Kates - Owner, Yoga Therapist

Our proud & passionate owner, Jessie loves being the guardian of the mission here at SHIFT.  She has an impressive amount of knowledge that she shares everyday with love.  She is a profoundly skilled Yoga Therapist and is one of the most sought after teachers in Maryland.  Her mastery of the art of teaching is unmatched, her level of education in the field is the highest available.  She has a super power for making people feel deeply welcomed and she is as loving and humble as they come. 


Those who desire to learn how to teach yoga, seek out Jessie to guide them on the journey not only for her level of expertise, passion, skill and wisdom, but for her accessibility and care.  She holds a compassionate space and has a knack for catering to all styles of learning.  She is a captivating public speaker and a profoundly inspiring educator. 

She has been leading teacher trainings for over a decade and is committed to being forever a student of yoga first.

She has several degrees and certifications in the field and is dedicated to learning the path of yoga from the teachers who are a part of the culture from which it comes.  Jessie is dedicated to continuing to study and learn from South Asian teachers, so her teachings are rooted in truth and help to SHIFT the whitewashing of yoga.  She eloquently carries on the path and its sacred teachings while acknowledging, upholding and celebrating the culture of India and all the teachers who have come before her.

Meet our YTT Team


Julia Shelton-Otten

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Leah Saliter

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Casey Wade

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Taylor Hitaffer

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