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Yoga Teacher Training 

Yoga is a complete path for individual and collective liberation, but if you asked most people what yoga is - they would tell you stretching for flexible women. We are on a mission to change the narrative of what yoga is and who yoga is for. We believe at the seat of the teacher is where this work is done. So the mission of our studio is to educate, support and empower the next generation of yoga teacher through our Yoga Teacher Training.


We are tired of seeing slender white women in flashy yoga pants teaching inaccessible fitness classes and calling it yoga. We are tired of seeing this rich path for healing, connection and wholeness get watered down and all the nectar left out.  It is our mission to educate the future generations of yoga teachers of the full expanse of what yoga is and provide them with deep knowledge and the tools so they will hold space for all bodies and lived experiences and share this sacred path with reverence, joy and inclusivity.


 Our approach will not only provide you with knowledge of how to confidently guide yoga and meditation classes, but you will be skillfully educated to offer safe trauma informed yoga and meditation classes with a vast knowledge of the roots of yoga and how to share the wisdom from this ancient path to help folks return to wholeness within themselves.


We begin by learning the truth of the history of yoga so that we are sure to treat this path with reverence and uphold and honor the Indian culture from which it comes. We then infuse our understanding with a connection to what a philosophical and spiritual path yoga is. We expose you to the ancient teachings and practices that our yoga ancestors shared and ensure that before we ever take the seat of the teacher - we have walked the path deeply ourselves. From there we add a complete and comprehensive view of the human body, mind and spirit and provide tools to understand the beautiful individuality of each human's unique and important needs and how to teach yoga to honor and meet those needs.

We will support you in your unique learning needs and provide you with the tools you need to feel comfortable sharing yoga with others.  Our approach is a beautiful deep exploration that will invite each participant to connect in their own unique way to the content.  Our time is spent sharing how to understand and hold space for others, how to safely support others.  If you are looking for a training to just learn yoga poses or be able to hold a headstand, this training will not serve you.   But if you are looking to connect more deeply to yourself, others and the world around you through the teachings of yoga then you will be nourished.


  • We teach you to how to honor the roots of yoga

  • We teach you to teach others that they are already whole and complete

  • We teach you to teach others how to reconnect to their bodies

  • We teach you how to teach others to do what feels good in their own bodies

  • We teach you how to hold space that is safe and trauma-informed

  • We teach you how to foster authentic human connection

  • We teach you how to lovingly offer the complete path of yoga

  • We teach you how to be a storyteller of yogic wisdom

  • We teach you how to teach others how to heal themselves

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