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Mentorship - Post Graduation

This is where our school is truly the most special, as we are the ONLY YTT program that offers a year-long mentorship and the only one to offer a Teaching internship included in the cost of registration.


During Tract 3 - You will become a part of our extended family of other post-graduates, whom you can also lean on for support. You will be supported with continuing opportunities to practice teach and grow your skill set as a yoga teacher. You will receive a teaching internship at the studio, allowing you ample opportunities to teach community classes throughout the year and co-teach classes with Jessie to hone your voice as a teacher and gain experience for your teaching resume. 


Tract 3 allows you to continue to work under Jessie's guidance to blossom into a compassionate, wise, and confident teacher. This is an invaluable experience that will deeply enrich your yoga journey.  


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